Iron is no longer the main thing: VW has directed all efforts to develop its own software

Iron is no longer the main thing: VW has directed all efforts to develop its own software


The head of the Volkswagen group, Herbert Diess, warned the rest of the leaders of the concern that the use of software for electric vehicles from a third-party manufacturer is unacceptable. According to Diess, this is a matter of the automaker’s independence, writes the German edition of Business Insider.

Traditionally, carmakers have specialized in the design of mechanical parts for cars. However, in the case of electric vehicles, it is software that begins to play a defining role. It is the computer that controls the distribution of electricity, so literally everything depends on it, from the dynamics of acceleration and the range on a single charge to the parameters of battery charging.

This situation can hardly be compared with the advent of smartphones. Before that, phone manufacturers competed on the hardware level, but with the advent of smartphones, it turned out that their operating system was of fundamental importance. So, Apple iPhone has its own software, the rest use the Android system from Google.

Realizing this, Tesla has paid a lot of attention to software development since its inception. When launching their electric cars, Volkswagen was faced with the fact that their software was raw and unprepared. It is because of this that the ID.3 electric car entered the market several months later than the promised date, and its software is still inferior to Tesla in terms of its functionality.

According to Diess, it is the development of its own software that is a priority task for Volkswagen for the next five to ten years. Other automakers can take advantage of ready-made solutions that Google is working on, but Diesse rejected this option for his corporation.

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