Is Dacia preparing an SUV at Logan base?

Is Dacia preparing an SUV at Logan base?


Photo spies spotted a new budget wagon based on the 2022 Dacia Logan. The novelty will probably be designated as a Stepway model.

After the Volkswagen Group decided to promote Skoda in the high-end market, Dacia remained the last stronghold of low-cost cars in Europe. The latest generation Logan sedan and Sandero supermini have risen in price due to additional equipment and modern platform, but in general they are still offered in the economy class segment.

For those looking for extra practicality on a tight budget, Dacia is working on a new wagon that will replace not only the Logan MCV, but also the Lodgy minivan.

Given the height of the roof and the sheer size of the tailgate, some may wonder if there will be a commercial version to replace the Dokker. However, spy shots have shown that this will be a separate model.

Seen on a frozen lake in northern Sweden, the prototype had a right-hand drive configuration, while the test car caught by the spies back in February had a left-hand drive. The previous test car also looked slightly better thanks to alloy wheels instead of black steel wheels without caps. The drum brakes at the rear indicate the car’s cheap origins as the car will ride on a simplified version of the Renault Clio CMF-B platform.

The slightly open front grille reveals that it is a Stepway-badged model, which also explains the roof rails. When the camouflage is removed, the wheel arches will have plastic cladding and other pseudo-strong cues that will make the wagon look more like a Sandero Stepway crossover.

Dacia has confirmed that the new model will premiere in 2022. And in the middle of the decade, it will be followed by the company’s first C-segment model, the 7-seater Bigster SUV.

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