Is IONIQ 5 the new Tesla killer?

Is IONIQ 5 the new Tesla killer?


At first glance, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 looks like an ordinary hatchback, but, as they say: the first opinion can be deceptive. And this is exactly the case, the IONIQ 5 is a full-fledged flagship, only electric.

For example, we compared its dimensions with Hyundai Tucson and were surprised by the result: it is 135 mm longer. and wider by 25 mm. The base is 3000 mm., this is even more than the VW Touareg. Why, then, does the Hyundai IONIQ 5 seem small? The thing is that the car is very low, it is 45 mm lower than the Hyundai Tucson, although its clearance is decent – 145 mm.

The appearance of the IONIQ 5 is very futuristic — it is probably the most conceptual car on the market, at least we think so. In fact, the Koreans dared to put into production a concept car presented at the exhibition in 2019 – the changes are minimal.

IONIQ 5 Technologies

The supplier of batteries for Hyundai IONIQ 5 was chosen by the Korean tech giant SK innovation, which surpasses Samsung and LG in its volumes.

Our copy has a 73 kWh battery installed and it can travel up to 480 km on it. In real conditions of operation of the car in the city, we got about 400 km.

The IONIQ 5 can be equipped with one engine and a monoprivod, as well as with two batteries and all-wheel drive. We have a top-end configuration with all-wheel drive and two engines, the total power of which is 305 hp with a torque of 605 nm.

Claimed acceleration from 0 to 100 km. it is 5.2 s. Having measured the acceleration independently, we received the same figures. The power reserve is large, and the maximum torque is available from the very start.

The operating voltage of the network is 800 V. Support fast charging up to 350 kWh, which allows you to charge the battery from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes.
Also in Hyundai IONIQ 5 there is a solar battery, which is located in the roof of the car, but after taking certain measurements, we came to the conclusion that their efficiency is low, so it’s better to buy a car without solar panels and save money.

Another feature of IONIQ 5 is the presence of reverse charging, with which you can charge other electricity consumers.

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Salon

The interior of the IONIQ 5 is very spacious, comfortable and ergonomic, the finishing materials are high-quality and soft. The seats are ventilated and heated, and the front ones also have good lateral support. There is a lot of space in the back row, the legs do not rest, the ceiling does not press on the head. The rear seats are electrically adjustable. The trunk is large — 520 liters. There is no additional trunk under the hood, like the Tesla Model Y.

The instrument panel, in principle, like all electric cars, is minimalistic and very informative. All functions are controlled by touch. You don’t have to talk about things like wireless charging for your phone. I was also very pleased with the projection on the windshield with augmented reality. It’s really cool.
The sound insulation of the interior is excellent, double glazing is installed both in the front doors and in the rear.
Thanks to the battery located in the bottom, the floor is absolutely flat both in front and behind.

Suspension and steering

The suspension of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is very comfortable, energy-intensive, an analogy with cars from the premium segment immediately comes to mind. And this is despite the fact that there are 20-inch disks. Of the disadvantages, it is worth noting the tendency of the car to longitudinal rocking

But the IONIQ 5 has problems with steering. Due to the long base, the car has a large turning radius, the steering wheel is not informative enough and you can’t exactly call it sharp, in a sharp turn, the rear part begins to demolish.


The brakes of the Hyundai IONIQ 5 are excellent. Having measured the deceleration from 100 to 0 km/h, we got 37 meters, which is a very good result, considering that the curb weight of our tested instance is 2150 kg.

After spending a few days with IONIQ 5, we do not have an unambiguous conclusion about this car. We can say with confidence that it is very beautiful and comfortable, but it is also not devoid of disadvantages that can significantly affect its future fate.

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