Is it possible to buy an car in the USA? Response to the Mannheim Auction

Is it possible to buy an car in the USA? Response to the Mannheim Auction


With the intent to purchase a foreign car with mileage, the buyer is faced with the problem of choice and evaluation of their financial capabilities. On the Ukrainian market of BU vehicles you may encounter sellers who overprice on the car and hides their defects. While at American auctions implemented cars with mileage in good condition.

Buying a car in the USA is becoming more popular among Ukrainians, because it gives the opportunity to buy a foreign car, thus saving money. Many believe that these trading platforms are implemented only badly damaged car after a serious accident. This is not always true, especially if we are talking about the Manheim auction.

To find the best offer, you need to understand what are the features and advantages of the Mannheim auction as bidding and delivery of the purchased item, as well as what actions to be taken by the buyer to purchase a used car in this auction.

Features of Manheim auction

Manheim is one of the largest auctions in his presence there are approximately 180 exhibitions, which are located in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The biggest marketplace for this auction is in Pennsylvania.

Manheim – private auction, to participate in which allowed only licensed auction dealers. The common man will not be able to participate in the purchase of lots available for sale.

At the Mannheim auction presents:

  • cars that have passed the warranty period;
  • cars belonging to the leasing companies;
  • vehicles from insurance companies;
  • cars seized by banks and financial institutions of America;
  • the vehicles of the companies offering rental services.

The main feature of this auction is the implementation of exclusively car without any damage. More on Manheim are sold used cars, but there are new machines that for a long time have not been implemented in the showrooms and sold by dealers.

The Manheim auction is responsible for the condition of the car, which will be allowed to participate in the auction. Every vehicle offered for auction is necessarily checked by the inspector who has the appropriate qualifications. The inspector will carefully examine the technical condition of the car (engine, body geometry, gearbox and external condition), and reflects this information in the database of the auction. This report is available to potential buyers.

Manheim is a good site to buy good bat machine, because it does not show lots that need repair. Available machines are in good condition, so the buyer will incur additional costs associated with the repair work of the car, and can immediately enjoy their purchase.

At auction you can pick up the car for any requirements: the level of equipment, interior trim, some type of navigation and other requests. Manheim provides a detailed description and technical characteristics of each lot put up for auction. At auction you can buy not only the cars of American manufacture. Also there are machines produced in Japan, Korea and Europe.

As trading occurs on Manheim?

Auction held at Manheim very professional. It goes at a fast pace under the supervision of a special Simulcast with a video feed in real time. Per day on the Manheim sold up to 50 000 cars in one lot takes about 1 minute. Commencement of trading starts at 8 am and ends no earlier than 4-5 PM.

For a clearer picture should tell you how to buy cars at Manheim. For a few minutes before the auction loads the online camera and you can see how the cars moved in the queue for lines-conveyors. All lines operate simultaneously, each of them there is the auctioneer.

You must wait for check out of interest the car to the auctioneer. Special screens shows information about the specific vehicles and their characteristics. At this point you can further evaluate the appearance of the car and the process of its movement, to ensure that the specifications are correct and true.

After the departure of a vehicle, the auctioneer starts the bidding on this lot. First, States the initial price, and then start bidding in which the winner is the participant who offered a lot of the highest price.

The winning auction participant receives an invoice for the full amount of the lot that must be paid through the Bank. All payments are done via the SWIFT system, which is the most secure way to transfer money worldwide.

Car delivery from auction

Bought at the Mannheim auction and paid for the vehicle must arrive to the customer in Ukraine. Delivery of the car takes place in several stages:

  • transportation from the site of the auction to the nearest international port;
  • perepleta sea to Ukraine;
  • unloaded in the Ukrainian port.

The cost of delivery is determined individually, it is influenced by the distance from the site of the auction to the port, the dimensions of the vehicle and the geographical location of the port of delivery. A period of buying a car at auction until it is received by the buyer on average from 45 to 60 days.

After unloading at the port of arrival the new owner can pick up the car yourself. He also has the additional possibility to order transport the car to the desired city.

The advantages of the Mannheim auction

The main positive factors of buying a car at the auction Manheim are:

  • save money. Although the broken machine on other auctions of America can be purchased at a lower price, it is worth considering that when you buy on the Manheim buyer will not bear the cost of repairs. That would save about 15-25% of the price of a car of the same make and model in Ukraine, even taking into account Commission on shipping, customs clearance and certification;
  • good condition car. At auction is really not to buy a broken car, which operated in a smooth American roads, with low mileage;
  • huge selection. At auction Manheim exhibited a large number of lots from our cars, legends to modern electric vehicles. Among them you can choose the car based on personal preferences and the requirements of the specifications;
  • the security of the transaction. All the cars before the bidding process is verified by highly qualified specialists Excluded cases of fraud and sale of vehicles with serious injuries, masked by cosmetic repairs;
  • full information on the car. Are provided reliable data concerning lot size: VIN code, photos, description, technical condition and appearance of the machine, key aggregation nodes, etc.;
  • real data on mileage. A twisting run that sin many sellers in Ukraine, in the American auction it is impossible, because it is a criminal offence and threatened with severe punishment to the offender. Therefore in indicator odometer any lot, you can be 100% sure.

What company is better to cooperate?

Because ordinary people will not be able to participate in the purchase of the lot at the auction Manheim, you need to think about finding a trusted and reliable dealer, which you can use to purchase and deliver the vehicle from the trading floor. Your choice is to stop at AtlanticExpress company that has a license auction Manheim and years of experience of delivery purchased at the auction of the cars for future owners. The many positive customer reviews only confirm the professionalism and quality of services provided by the company.

On the website AtlanticExpress you can see represented at the auction, Manheim cars (in the auction you need to tick the “no damage” and press search to get all available car without damage Manheim). Our staff in the shortest possible time will help to not pick up broken cars in good condition that suits your requirements and financial possibilities of the customer, and will compete for liked him a lot.

AtlanticExpress will take responsibility for documenting and delivery of the purchased at the auction of the car in Ukraine. In addition, the company insures the car from further damage during transport and the complete loss in the force majeure.

The company’s clients have the ability to track the location purchased the machine during its transportation to Ukraine. In order to know where is the car, you must enter the individual VIN number of the vehicle and see the actual information.

The company offers additional services in support of customs clearance and certification, in order to simplify for clients the procedure of getting a car on the Ukrainian rooms.

Manheim – the choice of the Ukrainians who want to purchase a battered car with a clean history of America, thus saving money. The company AtlanticExpress will commit themselves to support all stages of the transaction and deliver the car the customer “turnkey” as possible for a short time.

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