Is it profitable to buy a car at auction IAAI?

Is it profitable to buy a car at auction IAAI?


Often on the national roads there are cars from the USA. It can be American, Japanese, Korean, European models of last years of release. So it turns out that to buy a car from America will be cheaper than buying the equivalent in Europe.

Company Motors America said that the cost of cars in America is much cheaper, and this difference increases if you purchase a used car. The US automotive market is huge, the sales amount to tens of thousands of cars a year. There is a huge competition between manufacturers, so it’s good you can earn only on the number of sales. Lending in the United States is the minimum interest rate, the cost of the machine is obtained from 150 to 250 dollars a month. If the car breaks down or gets into an accident, are very different calculations. Repair will cost a pretty penny, so it is best to sell, and if the restoration will cost more than 50% of its value, the car is reclaimed or sent to the insurance auction IAAI.

Characteristics of auctions in the United States

For retail auctions are sold daily under recovery, and just for parts thousands of used cars. Here you can find cool models at an attractive cost, not necessarily broken, but after the theft, damage, hail, leasing, or operating rental. The cost of a car of this format is 50 to 60 %, which is far below market. Such machines can hide hidden damage, to diagnose that a specialist with knowledge of the American used car market.

The website of America Motors contains information on all manufacturers and suppliers of various models of cars.

Advantage of American cars is a transparent story, excellent equipment and condition. But to bring it from the US alone is expensive. There is a solution – the auction where a potential buyer can find a product according to the specified parameters and to try to make a purchase.

How does the auction/used car?

The organization of the market in the US is significantly different. Here are all responsibilities are assumed by the insurance company, that conducts sales of used machines with the problems of a different nature. The auction will take place on special platforms online. To become a bidder, you must register, pay the required fee, which is a confirmation of the payment ability of the member, and to participate in the auction.

IAAI, or insurance that is

Playground there for 35 years and operates in more than 150 outlets in the United States and Canada. Among the huge number of models, the buyer can find the car and claim the right to participate in the auction. Here are cars that represent insurance company of America. For each position, provided the true description of the technical condition of the car. The site is organized in a simple accessible form for the user.

A registered user can create a search for the specified parameters. On any car it either takes a pre-bid or waiting for the trades.

The range of the auction has live and online. On the website there is a system of price monitoring, the status of the auction. Active buyers of used cars from America are residents of any country. Be it Lithuania, UAE, Nigeria, Argentina, Ukraine, etc.

The advantages of buying on the IAAI:

  • transparent policy;
  • flexible purchase terms;
  • a high level of service;
  • at the Playground there are mainly authorized dealers;
  • regular update of the website.

Among the shortcomings of the auction, Insurance can provide high fees and penalties. Therefore, the purchase of cars should be carried out in time to avoid unplanned costs.

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