Is it Urus? No, it’s Venza!

Is it Urus? No, it’s Venza!


Tuners from the Japanese studio Albermo have created a package of external modifications for the Toyota Venza crossover. The team’s goal was to make the Japanese car as similar as possible to the Lamborghini Urus, but the attempt can hardly be called successful. However, those who wish can order a tuning kit called XH42 for 362,000 yen (3.3 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate), but this amount does not include installation of parts and painting.

The tuners did their best to improve the front of the body kit, but none of the Urus details could be replicated exactly: Venza received a massive front bumper with large air intakes with horizontal sipes. It is noteworthy that for the RAV4, which Albermo also tried to turn into an Urus, the team made Y-shaped sipes, and the Venza got by with a simplified version. On the side of the crossover, there are wheel arch linings.

Behind the crossover is even more far from the “original”. The new bumper with diffuser and the exhaust system from 5ZIGEN with two tailpipes, while Lamborghini has four tailpipes, turned out to be completely different from the Urus parts. In addition, Venza retained the original optics both front and rear, and the tuners decided to leave the Toyota nameplate at the stern.

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