Is Lamborghini preparing a charged Urus?

Is Lamborghini preparing a charged Urus?


During the tests, a prototype of the Lamborghini Urus crossover was seen, the rims of which received a central locking. The video was published on a foreign YouTube channel.

I must say that the aggressive appearance of the Italian Lamborghini Urus, which can boast 641 hp. power isn’t boring, but this particular crossover prototype with wheels like this looks even more interesting. Anything red on the black wheel stands out a lot, so it’s safe to assume that Lamborghini isn’t trying to hide anything here. What is captured in this video clearly looks like center-locking wheels.

This video was published on the foreign YouTube channel Varryx, which publishes videos with many prototypes of various supercars.

This is the first time we see these black wheels with a red center. If you look closely at previous spy photos of the high-performance Urus Evo, these black spoked rims appear very similar to those. The only thing that looks different is the open center on camouflaged prototypes, giving access to the wheel bolts.

Centerlocked rims certainly have some performance benefits, but in reality these benefits only show up in a racing environment. With comfortable rear seats and the relatively heavy weight of this family crossover, even the hardcore version of the Urus is not what you would call a street race car.

When we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of center-locking wheels, it’s hard to see Lamborghini using them in their SUV. In fact, there are not so many conventional (non-racing) cars in the world that have received center-locking wheels. Clever center caps hiding the standard multi-lug hub configuration make more sense, and this could be one of the wheel options on the upcoming Urus Evo, which is expected to debut in 2022.

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