Is Mercedes-AMG preparing an electric convertible?

Is Mercedes-AMG preparing an electric convertible?


Mercedes COO Markus Schaefer spoke to about the possible future of electric convertibles under the AMG subbrand.

As Schaefer notes, it is very difficult to create a beautiful and elegant electric convertible right now. This is especially true against the background of the fact that the demand for this kind of transport is gradually decreasing, open models are turning from niche to actually single ones, where circulation is calculated as a maximum of hundreds of units.

Statistics show that even the large Chinese market does not digest convertibles, their segment in the Celestial Empire is vanishingly small. The latest European figures are also not encouraging, unlike the results that were demonstrated several years ago.

Nevertheless, the company is well aware of how open cars are emotional and attractive products for a certain audience, so a new roadster may appear in the future. Given the total electrification of Mercedes, this type of body is primarily considered for the sports sub-brand AMG. This decision is quite justified, because this department is precisely responsible for the “emotional” models.

At the same time, the parent Mercedes-Benz intends to abandon several classic body styles at once. Both sedans and station wagons could be cut, not to mention the more exotic convertibles. This is due to the growing demand for crossovers and massive electrical installations that make it difficult to create an elegant and aerodynamically efficient car.

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