“Is that an Aston Martin?” Chris Harris on… the Ferrari Roma

“Is that an Aston Martin?” Chris Harris on… the Ferrari Roma


Ferrari have released five new cars in 2019 and Chris Harris thinks that’s too much. But does the new Ferrari Roma’s fuss-free design cut through the mix and make it a winner? Series 27: Chris Harris Drives: Magazine: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

the Ferrari Roma now through the genius of social media I kind of already know your two line opinion on this you welcome the return of fuss free styling but you also think it looks a bit like an Aston Martin loves it a glass them or stillborn Pininfarina concept now would you like to expand my role my rise well no you are right I want but I would argue this little kill that if you’re gonna design a clean classic front-engined GT car that it’s pretty hard to avoid comparisons to stuff like Aston Martin’s because okay they owe their reputation on I think I’ve seen it and I think I think I think you’ll review this and you won’t be happy with your argument so if you’re already over the magic of TV you can now put up an Aston Martin v8 Vantage on one side a side profile and the roam on on the other side so I profile and look at the shape now look at the shape of the glass house of the glass on the side they are identical I mean if ITIF I was Aston Martin I wouldn’t be there I’d be on to my lawyer saying right IP let’s have a look at this fair because it’s so similar yeah so first of all it he does look too much like an Aston Martin there I wouldn’t want to Avast him when Aston Martin makes as it is is making a mid-engine car it’s not gonna like a for a day or in FA tributo it’s called this leg so that’s a mistake Ferraris making too many cars now so there’s too many models so really what we’ve got five new Ferraris this year so we’ve got a Portofino with a really really here we’ve got poor fit they claim 70% new chassis parts and also the other thing is they it’s gonna be a bit more dynamic so you’ve got five five stages on the Manatee no yeah no Cameron looks nice and yeah but it’s just that I’m I can’t keep up I can’t keep up with it all it’s too much it’s too many is too many resignation and you know it’s too many there’s too many there’s too many of them I don’t know who’s gonna buy them all I know you know you’re if you’re a good Ferrari customer then you’ll have to buy one of these to get you whatever you you’re a 12 week old or you know the SF 90 I think you can get I think they’ll study one of those if you joke I could walk in and buy one of those in stock and if the world’s going to look back on the SUV era as being a bit embarrassing than I think the sports car manufacturers those that survive will look back on this period and say what were we thinking we just got so far ahead of ourselves we allowed shareholders and other influences to force us to a position we made too many cars and I wouldn’t want to be if I wouldn’t wanna be Ferrari the end of trying to sell all this stuff in the moment don’t don’t don’t we have to celebrate a car like the Roma because as you know we don’t because you know get to get in black you can delete the badges I never buy used f12 and what would you rather have oh yeah no I get it new new Ferraris three years old not new it’s new ish so it’s got seven year warranty on it you’ve got four years warranty left so you can either have a proper non aspirated v12 berlinetta or you can have what should have been a Maserati with a v8 and look and everyone goes is that an Aston Martin you drove an f12 no one goes that an Aston Martin do they know all right so if you had to name the Chris house top five Ferrari GT cars from over the years so my favorite one is the f12 all right did you have fun yeah I did I should never sold it but I I now it takes a while for the for your visa needs to settle but I think they f12 is a better looking car than an 812 it’s a it’s just a nicer piece of styling it’s cleaner GT cars the FF is actually a really good GT car and I I enjoyed many miles in one of those the the unsung ones for me 612 Scaglietti with a manual gearbox you get to drive one of those fantastic car that’s they’re worth quite good money now but they are there’s something about the 612 when it came out we all laughed at it but as its it’s aged with real elegance and a friend of Mines just bought one I have decided it and I was I was in it the other day and I thought this is a magnificent you sit in the backseat it’s got loads of room sounds fantastic again the f1 things a bit but the but the manuals really good four or five six GT model for card so manual have sleeper those now they’ve got they got caught up in the whirlwind but they’ve back down again now 56 I think 65 gets you a manual right-hand drive car one of what 30 odd manuals but they are a maintenance disaster that’s well a friend of mine had one for sale he’s a car dealer a couple years ago and he refused to sell it to me I said I’ve turned up with the money he said I don’t want you coming back at me with this thing it had everything brakes on them mm-hmm and the last one if I’m allowed one more go back in the back catalog I’d go 365 GT c4 so that’s effectively the Daytona with the Daytona engine four seats yeah but it doesn’t have a transaxles gearbox at the front and it has power steering yes they are sensational cars to drive much nice to drive in a Daytona the Daytona’s got unassisted steering is a bit of Tang to drive this and I drove I drove one recently they’ve just been fully restored by Joe Macari and it was a honey and they’ve all had the bunts I would love to be many days I think it was 200 that one but I think I can probably eat one for 150 give us a massive amount of money for anyone really but given that given that a Daytona is half a million and this is a nice guy and it’s got tighter seats and I think look cooler so there’s my GT Ferraris but the one the one that everyone should be looking out for I think is the f12 over the next few years yeah never should have sold it but such is life isn’t it better to have loved and lost

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