Is the new DS4 a competitor to the big German three?

Is the new DS4 a competitor to the big German three?


When you learn about the release of a new model of the French car manufacturer Citroen, thoughts immediately come to mind that this will be another unsuccessful experiment, scaring off potential buyers with its design. We thought the same when we were going to test drive the new Citroen DS4, but when we saw the car live, we abruptly changed our mind. But the appearance is deceptive or not, today we will have to figure out on the DS4 E-Tense test drive.

Design of the new Citroen DS4

Bold, chopped and difficult – these are the first words that come to mind when looking at the new DS4, the stern looks finished, the silhouette is squat with notes of a crossover, huge wheels and of course strangely inscribed daytime running lights look even out of place separately from the overall picture, but in the overall picture they complement and add aggression to the already evil, but refined front. Many experts have already noted that the front part of the Citroen DS4 is similar to Lexus, we cannot disagree with their opinion. And in general, in the design of the car, the French managed to masterfully combine the smoothness of all body lines.

DS4 driving qualities

DS positions its products as premium segment cars, and what comes to mind when mentioning premium brands? Of course, the most important thing is a very comfortable ride and excellent handling. And if the DS4’s handling is not very good, then the manufacturer’s main bet was made on comfort — and this is the main and fundamental difference between this DS and all the others, it is very soft and comfortable. Separately, we want to note the “HYBRID” mode. In this mode, the DS4 uses a camera located in the front of the car to examine and analyze the road profile and change the stiffness settings of the shock absorbers. Almost none of the classmates have such a function.

Citroen DS4 power plant

A new DS4 was built on the EMP2 platform, which replaced PF2 and PF3.

The power plant of our test Citroen DS4 consists of a 1.6 L turbocharged internal combustion engine and an electric motor integrated into the gearbox. The total power is 225 hp with a torque of 360 Nm.

The AISIN 8-gear automatic transmission is paired with the power plant.

Unfortunately, the drive is only on the front wheels.

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h according to our measurements was 8.5 s. – the result, in principle, is what you expect.

DS4 Salon

The cabin of the new Citroen DS4 is so unusual that even the power window buttons are lost in these lines and bends, it literally envelops its passengers, everything is very pleasant tactile, a lot of high-quality leather, Napa Leather seats are very comfortable with ventilation, heating and massage.

The dashboard is small, but very stylish and clear. The new multimedia system looks very cool, works fast, the interface is logical and intuitive. A separate touchpad is installed near the armrest to control the multimedia system, that is, the driver does not even need to reach it — it is very convenient. Separately, we want to note the cameras — the image quality is excellent.

There is not much space in the back row in the new DS4, but it is comfortable enough to sit.

The trunk volume is 420 liters, made of high-quality materials and is not inferior to more premium classmates.

Despite the fact that the new DS4 has double-glazed windows, the noise from the road can be heard even at low speeds.

The Citroen DS4 is really, in many ways, a premium car from France, on which the manufacturer makes high bets to fight the big German troika, they have created the most extravagant car in which you should receive a high level of aesthetic satisfaction every day, it really drives very pleasantly, it is comfortable, it has a high level of technical equipment. But what the new DS4 doesn’t have is pragmatism, it’s completely different from the BMW X1 or Audi Q3, it’s different, yes, it’s clear that it will be a hit in France, but whether its concept will be understood in other countries is a big question.

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