Is the new Toyota Supra too… ‘BMW’?: Series 27

Is the new Toyota Supra too… ‘BMW’?: Series 27


The new Toyota Supra was co-developed with BMW, but is it too, um, BMW? Well Paddy loves it, and Harris likes it too, but… Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

yes this is the new Supra a two seats rear-wheel drive fifty thousand pound sports car that picks up right where we left off just like the old Supra it’s got a three litre straight-six turbocharged engine nudging of a thriller brick horsepower and just like the old Supra it’ll do nought to 60 in about 400 eight seconds and they’ll hit the limiter 155 and yes toy or to only make in the new super Oh about as quick as the old one alright so in a bit where is it do you know what I think it’s the right call I mean he’s not gonna sure a new Ferrari our 911 a clean pair of wheels what 300 horsepower in the 90s was plenty and the rules haven’t changed much since then so 300 asked by no he’s still plenty on the brick chopping down the gear so agile so quick so responsive this is sortable balks before you run out the door with your checkbook there is potentially a bit of a problem with the new supra and it’s called the BMW z4 yep Japan’s most iconic sports car has been properly gjermund up they’ve got the same engine same gearbox most of the suspension pretty much all the same – do you know what I’m totally fine with that if you’re gonna borrow something borrow it off the best you’re not going to get a mixed up the Supra only comes as a coupie the Zed for all it comes as a convertible that’s Japanese in stylish that is not in the end it’s just economics if the unseen dot Toyota couldn’t have made the new Supra and BMW couldn’t have made the new z4 with two new sports cars it’s just better this is this is a good car this it might not be as groundbreaking as the old Supra but he’s still a little barrel chested Bulldog of a sports car and that will do for me just fine but I am well aware that won’t do for everyone in fact only yesterday I received a letter off a brave little lad who wants to know what it’s like to skip this car around a track well I’m all about helping out the little uns mr. Harris morning sir step out of that seat and apply yourself to the shotgun position let’s go come on allow me to escort you out of the vehicle Kenan yeah of course I haven’t get it well well well well well not well what’s the problem the problem is I’m sitting in a BMW if you don’t notice there’s nothing about this it’s a toilet he’s not even started because that’s a BMW starter button they’re B&W gear lever this is really wrong I thought understand what the problem is you got too little for your big shop and get on the phone they’ve packed your bags full of Waitrose you’re gonna complain no sets off it’s a BMW steering wheel oh did I hear you go oh well look it goes well I’m not gonna deny that let’s just take a bit of time knock yourself out so let’s just start with the basics and talk of the motive is gray BMW make a really good engine at the moment but you know what from the moment I got in it it sounded like a BMW WFD keep their power steering pumps linear all the way through to full of the lava that’s why these feelings to me what whole one’s bothered if maybe that one’s for them it’s not a Twitter what does a toy or to feel like Chris from the inside but have a really crazy interior you have a to JZ up front making hissing and washing noises it sound turbocharged do you know what party it might be a little bit worse as a car but it would wreak of style I just think it’s a missed opportunity though ridiculous it’s like finding out that Charles Dickens once write the best book ever and he phones up Emily Bronte and says can you do this and then just send me the manuscript afterwards yes for um can you imagine Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte writing a book together it’s the bestseller Chris oh I don’t know it’s perfectly good but it or no books no books is it’s a good sports car yes God no I think there might still be a few milli on the robber knock yourself oh go and do some wars kids loving sick you

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