Is the Tank SUV too cool to bear the name Wey?

Is the Tank SUV too cool to bear the name Wey?


Great Wall Motor (GWM) CEO Wei Jianjun, speaking at a corporate innovation conference, announced that Tank will become a standalone off-road brand. The presentation of the fifth GWM brand (Wey, Haval, Ora, GWM Pickup are already available) will take place on April 19 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Now the “tank” is considered not so much the Wey Tank 300 off-road vehicle as the Tank Wey platform.

Chinese media write that the “hardcore” Tank 300 was “too strong” for the Wey brand and “led to its weakening.” Since January, the all-terrain vehicle has been sold only in China at prices ranging from 175,800 to 213,800 yuan ($ 27,000-32,800). In January-February, he found 9,318 owners, which is more than 40% of the brand’s volume.

The Tenka logo is already ready: the letter “T” reminds the Chinese of the hammer, the “Iron Man” helmet and the Moai statues on Easter Island. On the right is a Tank 300 with a new symbol on the grill. Note that the name Tank is already used by the American Rezvani Motors.

Most likely, a concept or a new model on the Tank Wey “cart” will be presented in Shanghai, or both. It is expected that the existing Tank 300 will soon be supplemented by the Tank 600, Tank 900 and the redesigned Haval H9. Meanwhile, the Wey brand, stripped of all the “tankiness”, will start a strange “coffee” life with the flagship Mocha. All GWM brands will have hybrids and a third level autopilot with lidar.

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