Is there “Cyberpunky”? HiPhi has prepared a car for you

Is there “Cyberpunky”? HiPhi has prepared a car for you


Chinese startup HiPhi showed off the concept model Z, which, as expected, impressed the audience with its unusual exterior. According to, the production version of the car will retain 95% of the concept’s parts.

Unfortunately, HiPhi Z’s appearance was revealed in patent images published this summer. Even then, the public was seriously surprised by the exterior of the future novelty, and it would seem that the wow effect should not occur, but the concept was nevertheless able to amaze fans of unusual cars. All thanks to the unusual silhouette and lighting technology. As you can see, it is not possible to unambiguously identify the body, since the model is a mixture of a sedan, a sportsback and a coupe.

As for the optics, just look at the layout. The main light comes from boomerang headlights, similar in appearance to those installed on the Mercedes-Benz SLS, while they are connected with an LED strip to each other, and there are triangular elements below that, apparently, will indicate the direction of rotation. The feed is no less interesting. Here, the lower lights can generally project all sorts of symbols, such as a heart, especially for fans of the brand!

However, the technical specifications were not disclosed in the company. We assume that, like the X crossover, the novelty is based on the original HOA platform. On the SUV, the power plant consists of two electric motors with a total power of 598 horsepower, which could well be boosted for HiPhi Z. The serial version will be presented at the Beijing Auto Show, which will open its doors in April 2022, at the same time pre-orders for the model will start. The release should begin within a few months after the debut.

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