IS VW preparing an affordable flagship?

IS VW preparing an affordable flagship?


We first heard that Volkswagen is working on a new flagship, codenamed Project Trinity, this January. Then it became known that it would be an electric vehicle on a specialized platform, produced using radically new production technologies and with ample opportunities in terms of autonomous driving. In March, the manufacturer published the first teaser of the car, and now there are new details.

According to the British edition of Autocar, Project Trinity will be one of the first Volkswagen Group models built on the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) architecture. In terms of body type, it will be a cross between a crossover, a sedan and a hatchback: it looks like this approach to car design is becoming a new trend.

As in the case of Tesla electric vehicles or, for example, Porsche Taycan, owners of Volkswagen Project Trinity will be able to expand the functionality of their cars after purchase: the necessary equipment will be installed immediately at the factory, but to unlock the options, a paid software update is required – it will be wireless.

The latter applies, in particular, to the autonomous driving system: at the start of sales, Trinity will receive a second level “autopilot”, but gradually, when the corresponding software is ready, it will be raised to the fourth, that is, the electric car will be able to move completely independently in most cases – with the appropriate infrastructure.

Although the “Trinity” will be positioned as a technological flagship, the model will be unexpectedly affordable: supposedly prices for it will start at 35,000 euros. The market debut is expected in 2026.

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