Is Yaris Cross really a crossover?

Is Yaris Cross really a crossover?


Today, at our test drive, the Toyota Yaris Cross – the very small hatchback that became the car of the year in Europe, was presented in an off-road version. His appearance has changed a lot, he does not look like his prototype at all, plus he has become more “inflated”.

But several important aspects of the Yaris Cross 2021 were taken over from his brother Toyota Yaris hatchback: firstly, a beautiful design, yes it has been changed, but it is still very relevant today, secondly, a full-fledged front part of the cabin, in which it will be convenient even for two adult men, and third – he rides, yes slowly, but he rides, he has relatively good maneuverability and really low fuel consumption.

Appearance of Toyota Yaris Cross

But it’s not for nothing that the car was named Yaris Cross — a large clearance of 170 mm., a short base of 2.56 m., short front and rear overhangs, as well as off-road pads on the front and rear bumper. The drive is by default on the front wheels, but you can also order an all-wheel drive version.

Toyota Yaris Cross from the outside seems noticeably larger than the hatchback, so it is — it is slightly wider and slightly higher, it has a larger trunk, and it is noticeable: it is no longer 286 liters, but as much as 390 liters, and for a car of this class this is a very good indicator. The trunk lid of our test copy with an electric drive is very convenient.

Yaris Cross Interior 2021

In terms of the amount of free space in the cabin, the Yaris Cross 2021 is noticeably more comfortable than the Yaris hatchback, and the only thing it doesn’t have is a seat in the back row: yes, it’s cramped here in general, but this is not surprising, because the base is unchanged and there is very little room for the legs, well, it will be difficult for the three of us to sit here, because there is not enough body width. And the rear doors open at a small angle, so boarding and disembarking from the cabin create certain difficulties.

The Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 salon will appeal to many: it is not devoid of a sense of taste, it has lines and shapes that are pleasant to the eye, it is quite comfortable and roomy, everything is assembled quite well, without creaks and vibrations. Among the disadvantages are rigid door maps and an outdated multimedia system.

Separately, we would like to note the technical equipment of our copy: a lane keeping system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, projection on the windshield, and of course wireless charging.

Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 Powerplant

Our test Yaris Cross is equipped with a hybrid power plant, which consists of a 3-cylinder internal combustion engine with a volume of 1.5 liters, a capacity of 92 hp and a torque of 120 Nm., plus an electric motor with a capacity of 80 hp and a torque of 114Nm is added to it.

We measured acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h and it turned out to be 11 s., this is a fairly modest result, but it is compensated by low fuel consumption — 5 liters per 100 km. in urban mode, and this is already very cool.

Yaris Cross suspension and handling

The Yaris hatchback rear suspension was very soft, it swung in the transverse direction and despite the fact that it gave a sufficient level of comfort, it was too imposing, but the Toyota Yaris Cross suspension is much tougher and more brutal, it cannot be called energy-intensive, but it does not always have time to cope with the roughness of the road. But on a road with deep enough holes and potholes, the car holds a blow very well.

But the increased rigidity of the Yaris Cross 2021 suspension did not change the nature of the car’s behavior either in the city, in terms of handling, or on the highway.: it still lurches, it still prowls, even more than a hatchback, and we recommend to abandon trips at speeds over 130 km / h altogether: firstly because of poor handling at high speeds, and secondly because of strong noises penetrating into the cabin “thanks” to poor noise insulation.

Bottom line: in general, the Yaris Cross is pleasant, it shows itself well when driving in urban mode, it has a roomy interior, relative to its size, it has an excellent economical hybrid power plant, but unfortunately there are also disadvantages, such as poor noise insulation and poor handling at high speeds.

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