It got CRAZY – The Middle East’s Biggest Car Festival!

It got CRAZY – The Middle East’s Biggest Car Festival!


I went to the biggest outdoor car show in the region, the Gulf Car Festival – @gulfcarfestival – Thank you all for saying hi!Follow me on:Thanks to @dubaifestivalcitymall for having me as part of their Imagine show, and putting me on the largest outdoor projection on a building in the world!

what’s up Stephen company here in Dubai we’re about to head to the Gulf a car fits well it’s one of the only public car festivals in Dubai and I’m here with supercars modulus we’re all heading there together watsonline up to the engine I don’t think we’re allowed to rape here ah little bit otherwise we’ll be kicked down the aisle ooh we just got a briefing saying please away or I’ll loop it through the loop came out of nowhere Lucy’s getting a bit overwhelmed Lucy you’re a baby okay I don’t know where we’re going I kind of think whatever we said yeah sure sure no worry how many photos my joy is gonna be painting by the other but it’s so cool like this is so nice you guys coming out to support me in saying I love it my guys hi minimum-security run Rozonda coffee yeah sure sure let’s see some more let’s do saw love you please have some decency if some respect / she’s only inhuman she needs some breathing oh my god well we got Homer okay you guys are Humber it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay Homer Homer in the back this is ridiculous my [Laughter] I like your passenger thank how cool is it so this car is driven by check here in the UAE the car club it’s called ua you can’t use you would never expect when you see this cruising down the highway that girl is driving this car I love these girls oh you know everything from muscle cars the best craziest wraps in the world I love you go to smoke it mad I love it what are you doing there just taking a fan for a spin room it’s going out and Luci making dreams come true apparently Oh God it was amazing Bloomberg any guy who was a dream come true definitely thank you so much fun thank you so so much they’re the best it’s nice type of woman looking after another woman that was awesome thanks Pam I appreciate you and thank you so much thank you alright I’m on about a that’s it we’re out that has been the golf car festival 2018 I hope you’ve loved it just as much as I have cannot wait to see you back here next year 2019 whoo please like the video and subscribe to my channel I’m out

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