It is necessary to see: the interior of a sports car from Radford

It is necessary to see: the interior of a sports car from Radford


We write a lot about the revived models, but there are also revived tuning studios. For example, Harold Radford began operations almost immediately after World War II, but the company closed in the 70s. The restart took place in 2015, and in May of this year the team announced the first model.

We are talking about the Rodford Lotus Type 62-2 coupe based on the Lotus Evora with a completely original body, which refers to the racing Type 62 from the 60s. The exterior has already been revealed earlier, but the salon was shown only now. However, this is just one of the variations: customers will be able to furnish the interior as they wish.

The dashboard has a mechanical stopwatch and clock from Bremont, and the team also used a lot of carbon fiber, including on the A-pillars, doors, steering wheel, floor and center console. The gear lever is fully open and the sports seats are upholstered in black leather and Alcantara. There are no side mirrors, their role is played by cameras that broadcast the image on two small screens.

The metal pad is a wireless charger that can hold the smartphone suspended (it will look like a navigator). However, you don’t have to order the option.

The total edition of the model will be 62 units, and only 12 will be painted in the classic black and gold colors of John Player Special. There will be three levels of boost to choose from: 437, 500 and 600 hp

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