It’s a Tesla Model 3 2021: in Ukraine


The first copy of the new version of the Tesla Model 3 sedan has appeared in Ukraine.

Automobile, which is located in our land – the most topical, the most demanding Performance option. Yogo was imported exclusively for the replacement of the client. The purchaser of such an electric car was purchased at 72.5 yew. dolar_v.

The restyling of the Tesla Model 3, which debuted in the midst of the past rock and was also revised from virobnitstvo, is rich in what to see from the front model. In the first place, it is possible to recognize it for the change in the new look: for a change to the chrome-plated bodywork, there was a black decor, there were wheels in a new design, as well as the rear wheels. Bigger, three more, becoming a salon: a new center console with a matte crush with a mouthless charging for gadgets was installed in the car, as well as a new kermo with metal inserts in the design. Also, the sound insulation was dyed – for the rack of the sub-basement of the bichon windows, and the electric drive of the boot lid was registered in the equipped one.

Technology, the main innovations have become the replacement of the traditional heating for a heat pump – it allows the vitrachaty sedan to be less energetic and in general to rob his robot more efficiently. In addition, the battery range has grown from 77 to 82 kW * year. In the bag, the range of the Tesla Model 3 has increased: in the Long Range Dual Motor version, it sprints 50 km – up to 568 km in the EPA cycle, the other versions also have a larger run, but in three smaller turns – by 20-25 km. Nareshty, dyed and dynamic sedan. The new Performance version now accelerates from 0 to 60 miles / yr (96 km / yr) in 3.1 seconds – 0.1 faster, less earlier.

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