It’s not Cadillac! GMC refuses to pay compensation

It’s not Cadillac! GMC refuses to pay compensation


Half of the dealers of the American company will not offer the latest electric pickup Hummer EV.

At the moment, not all dealers of the American GMC company are ready to sell and service the Hummer EV electric pickup truck. It became known that half of them are not ready to purchase the necessary equipment.

Approximately 17% of Cadillac dealers have decided not to cooperate with the brand since the first of January 2022. Of the 880 authorized dealers, 150 decided not to invest in equipment to work with the lyriq electric crossover. Concern General Motors offered these car dealers to terminate the contract in exchange for a one-time payment in the amount of 30 thousand dollars to one million. But another electric novelty of the concern – the Hummer EV pickup truck-is being prepared for immediate release.

GMC Vice-President of sales Duncan Aldred in an interview with the publication Automotive News said that the brand will not pay compensation to dealers for refusing to sell electric cars, like Cadillac. As it turned out during the negotiations, only half of dealers are ready to sell and service Hummer EV electric pickups.

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