Iveco showed a truck with a gym in the cabin

Iveco showed a truck with a gym in the cabin

The company Iveco created a conceptual a truck to enable the driver to be engaged in fitness directly in the cockpit.

Since truck drivers spend most of the day for “the wheel”, then they have very little time to maintain their physical form. Company Iveco has developed the new concept Fit the truck Cab, which can later turn into a new global brand line.

Truck Fit Iveco Cab equipped with various mounting points for sports equipment, both in the cabin and outside. Inside the machine there is the spirit fitness center. A owner there is a horizontal bar, dumbbells, fixed the simulator for different muscle groups, as well as a visual aid with specific exercises attached to the wall of the cabin.

While the conceptual Fit Iveco truck Cab has not come out from the conveyor. Officially, the new truck will be presented to the public at the upcoming European championship truck racing, 2019 July 19, at the Nurburgring in Germany. Car makers want to get feedback from possible future customers, and then taking into account wishes and comments to make adjustments and corrections in the concept of Fit Cab before serial production.