Jaguar calms I-Pace appetites

Jaguar calms I-Pace appetites


Magna, the world’s largest manufacturer of bespoke cars and, among others, the I-Pace electric crossover for Jaguar, has unveiled a new generation of electric vehicle powertrain. The presentation took place in Sweden, where winter tests of new units are carried out.

Actually, all that is known about the new power plant is that it consists of two electric motors and thus implements all-wheel drive, as well as the fact that Magna has developed both the hardware itself and the software for the electric drive. Power parameters are not specified, but, apparently, we are talking about a family with a wide range of characteristics.

The most interesting thing that Magna says is a 20% increase in efficiency, which is equivalent to an increase in the range of 145 kilometers at the same power consumption compared to the “current electric car”. What car we are talking about is not said, but in the photograph of the company, which is placed above, we see the same Jaguar. Perhaps the I-Pace is waiting for a restyling, or is Magna thus hinting to the British that she can become a partner in creating a new family of electric vehicles?

In addition to the I-Pace, Magna has a contract for the production of the future electric crossover Fisker. In addition, it was this company that made the prototype of the Sony electric car.

We also advise you to watch a detailed review of the Jaguar I-Pace from the FineAuto team:

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