Jaguar F-Type – An X-Rated Hardcore Monster | Car Review

Jaguar F-Type – An X-Rated Hardcore Monster | Car Review


Jeremy Clarkson drives the new Jaguar F-type sports car on some of Britain’s finest roads. Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

x-rated hardcore monster for the terminally unhinged it’s got such a wide range of intoxicating louise’s whether you change up it snorts like a hippo and then when you put your foot down it bellows and then when you take it off again honestly have you ever heard a soundtrack like that that is the sound of the sixties right there and if you push this little button here you engage the sports exhaust system which makes it even louder it’s not all bark and no bite on either the three liter v6 engine is supercharged and delivers 375 fire spitting horse powers there’s naught to 60 in 4.8 seconds top speed 171 and this isn’t even the fast version if you want jag will sell you a 488 horsepower v8 I wouldn’t bother though because at no point while I’ve been driving this and I thought yeah but I wish it was a bit more exciting now you would imagine that a car this loud and this brutal would be as luxurious as a Methodists coal house but now the roof can be raised or lowered even when you’re going 30 miles an hour the switches are bronzed the seats are electric and you can choose what shade of mood lighting you’d like the interior their knees nicely thought out but it is nothing compared to the exterior I think this is one of the best looking cars ever made so it’s beautiful and mad and thrilling and loud and there’s more a lot of cars these days feel like laptops but this doesn’t yes you can go into the computer and alter the characteristics of the gearbox of the engine and the steering and the suspension but that said there’s no double clutch gearbox it’s just a smooth paint speed auto there’s no six way traction control there’s no complicated folding metal roof it’s much simpler than that engine at the front drive to the rear and a big smiling piece of meat in the middle this chassis is epic and so on the brakes and so’s the steering and you got tons of lot so if you do get it out of sight it’s easy to get it back again anyways it it puts me in mind of a bmw m3 and that is that is high praise except it’s not a BMW Zack and I wish I could end it there but unfortunately the rewards are issues that need mentioning just done my weekly Shabbat I bought some Jam some milk some sugar you see butter sadly I wasn’t able to buy any more than that because if you buy your jag with a spare wheel this is what the boot looks like how could they have a meeting and decide that that was acceptable it’s just madness and there’s another problem the price I was expecting the v6 version to cost around fifty thousand pounds but actually it’s almost sixty eight thousand and the v8 is an eye-watering eighty thousand but the biggest problem Bali a country mile is the ride this road appears to be completely smooth but it feels like I’m driving there not driving it feels like I’m rollerskating over a piece of corrugated iron it’s just and it’s even worse when you go slowly in a town that’s just unbearably harsh and there’s no need for it when you’ve got a chassis this good you don’t need happily however the ride does get better the faster you go which means there is a way around the problem don’t drive slowly first let’s be honest in a car that looks this good and Sam’s this fantastic that’s no hardship

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