Jaguar F-Type lost all engines except V8

Jaguar F-Type lost all engines except V8


Jaguar F-Type sports cars have been refreshed in the US for the 2022 model year. The main innovation for the local market was the modification with the P450 index, which is equipped with a 450-horsepower version of the five-liter compressor V8.

By itself, this engine is not new: it began to be installed on European coupes and roadsters immediately after the restyling of 2019. It is interesting, however, something else: for the States, this engine was designated as the base one, that is, all new cars will be supplied here exclusively with eight cylinders.

Until now, the entry level for Americans wishing to purchase a Jaguar F-Type was the P300 version with a two-liter 300-horsepower “turbo four” of the Ingenium family. Also, the 2021 model year two-doors are available in the P380 version with a three-liter 380-horsepower V6. Now that only the V8 will remain in the US lineup, the starting price will rise from $ 61,600 to $ 69,900.

The 450-horsepower V8 is offered in the American market for the Jaguar F-Type in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive bodies – in the latter case, the equipment includes the R-Dynamic package. At the top of the range, as before, is the 575-horsepower all-wheel drive F-Type R, which will start at $ 103,200 for the new model year. The latest update did not bring any design changes, but since only the most expensive versions remain on the market, buyers are promised an extended set of standard equipment.

The situation with a cut in the engine range will not seem particularly surprising if you remember that the F-Type does not have a big future anyway. According to the recently announced plan, Jaguar will fully switch to the production of electric vehicles by the middle of this decade. Accordingly, if a sports car that debuted in 2013 gets some kind of ideological successor, it will be a fundamentally different car.

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