Jaguar finally set about creating a sports version of I-Pace

Jaguar finally set about creating a sports version of I-Pace


The division of “special” automobile versions of the Jaguar Land Rover concern, which is called SVO, has nevertheless begun to refine the I-Pace electric crossover, CarBuzz writes, citing the head of the organization, Michael van der Zande. Interestingly, back in May last year, the same van der Zande said that they were not planning to work with I-Pace, but SVO would have a hand in other future electric vehicles of the concern.

According to van der Zande, SVO really did not participate in the process of creating this electric car, and therefore it was started so late in its development. Typically, he said, sporty versions of the SVR are being prepared in parallel with the development of new Jaguar or Land Rover models. In the case of the I-Pace, it may have been that this electric car was prepared by Jaguar specialists together with the company Magna, at whose facilities it is produced.

The head of SVO did not specify whether the I-Pace in the SVR version will be more powerful than the original electric car, but noted that his specialists have many options in their hands, such as changing the operating modes of the electric drive, adjusting the electronic differential and adjusting the thrust vector control system.

We can only assume that when van der Zande talked about SVO’s work on another upcoming electric Jaguar in May, he was referring to the XJ flagship sedan. This project, however, was canceled in favor of an entirely new family of electric vehicles by 2025. So now it looks like SVO is looking at the I-Pace just so they don’t mess around waiting for the new family of cars to be ready for production.

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