Jaguar has announced the premiere date of the updated F-Type

Jaguar has announced the premiere date of the updated F-Type


Sports car Jaguar F-Type will get a slightly altered appearance, improved audio system, as well as new six-cylinder engines with supercharging.

Jaguar has released a short video advertising the debut of the updated sports car F-Type. The online premiere of the restyled model will be held next Monday, December 2.

According to preliminary reports, the predecessor of the sports car can be distinguished due to the more narrow and angular head lights that will give the F-Type a more aggressive look. In addition, the car will get the hood changed shape, as well as a different grille, bumpers and taillights.

As for the interior, the sports car will get a new infotainment complex with a larger touch screen and a fully digital dashboard.

The engine lineup of the car will include new supercharged inline petrol “six”, which will replace the current V6 engines with a drive supercharger. It is possible that the units will operate according to the scheme thanks to mild hybrid on-Board power supply. In addition, the engine range will retain the same Quartet, as well as the top five-liter compressor V8. Finally, the sports car can go without modifications with a manual transmission, as this version is too low popularity.

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