Jaguar has come up with a name for the new “cats”

Jaguar has come up with a name for the new “cats”


The company Jaguar has invented and patented a name for the future electric sports car: the novelty will appear on the market under the name EV-Type. British publication Autocar suggests that EV-Type – this is a reference to the iconic Jaguar E-Type 1960-ies and 1970-ies.

To date, the only model in the range Jaguar with the prefix Type is a sport coupe F-Type. The fact that the company chose such a name, can talk about what we are talking about the electric sports car. According to one version, the new product can be made in the style of the recent concept Vision Gran Turismo, designed for racing simulator Gran Turismo Sport.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo is a virtual all-wheel-drive electric car, designed in the spirit of historic models C-Type and D-Type and a modern car I-4 TYPE. Shifted back cabin of the electric vehicle is a tribute to the Lightweight E-type.


During the virtual premiere of the electric vehicle creators shared technical details: machine weight is 1400 pounds, and weight distribution is 50:50. The electrical installation includes three motors, one located at the front and two in back. Total return units equal to 1020 horsepower.

On dispersal to “hundreds” electrocare requires less than two seconds, and a top speed limited at around 322 kilometers per hour.

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