Jaguar has revealed the secret of popularity of giant radiator grilles

Jaguar has revealed the secret of popularity of giant radiator grilles


The new head of the design Department of Jaguar’s Julian Thomson told about the reasons for the spread of models with a huge radiator grilles. According to Thomson, shocking style is designed to meet the tastes of Chinese consumers and increase brand recognition in China.

Julian Thomson said that he does not consider the desire to please Chinese buyers by a radical change of design “reasonable step”. Chief designer Jaguar has made it clear that increasing disproportionately grille some of the competitors have gone too far, and the result looks rough and not in harmony.

In an interview with the portal Car Throttle, the artist said that Jaguar will not follow the trend of increase in radiator grilles. The specialist explained that the front section of the air intake on the redesigned family of F-Type has reached the size limit for the models of the British brand.


To attract Chinese consumers with a low level of car culture, Jaguar engineers are going to go the other way, gradually instilling clients with key automotive market “refined style”.

The promise of Thomson means that despite a serious decline (down 13.5 percent by the end of 2019) of sales in China and the overall crisis situation, models of the Jaguar will remain faithful to the conservative style.

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