Jaguar has started to test a new generation XJ

Jaguar has started to test a new generation XJ


Photospies the first time managed to catch flagship sedan Jaguar XJ of new generation. Images that Autocar was published, were made during transportation of the machine on the truck after the test. The official premiere of new items will be held until the end of this year.

In the heart of the car lies scalable architecture MLA, which involves the use of traditional internal combustion engines and hybrid or fully-electric schemes. Previously President of Jaguar Land Rover Ralph Shpet has declared that the flagship model of the next-generation XJ will be sold with fully electric propulsion.

According to unofficial data, the new Jaguar XJ will complement the four electric motors with a capacity of 200 HP each and a set of batteries per 100 kilowatt-hours. In its dynamic characteristics and reserve the successor of the XJ will be able to compete, for example, Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT.


In turn, the chief designer of Jaguar’s Julian Thomson said the new XJ will be a “very beautiful luxury car, which will not work similar to the traditional large sedan class.”

The production of the current Jaguar XJ has already ended – the last car rolled off the Assembly line in Solihull at the beginning of June last year. For nine years the British have sold more than 120 thousand cars. In the last time sales fell sharply. For example, in Europe, the Jaguar XJ has sold only 1099’s car, and in the U.S. the company sold 1579 machines.

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