Jaguar Land Rover accelerates electrification

Jaguar Land Rover accelerates electrification

Jaguar Land Rover has announced the production plans for several new electric vehicles at its plant in castle Bromwich, UK. This announcement is a significant step by the company to ensure customers ‘ electric variants of all new models of Jaguar and Land Rover from 2020.

Professor Dr. Ralph Shpet, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said:

“The future of mobility is electric, and as a progressive British company, we strive to make in the UK our next generation of vehicles with zero emissions. We locate the production of electric vehicles, blocks, motors and batteries to create a powerful production electric vehicles in the Midlands.”

The first new electric car which will be produced at the plant will become the luxury sedan Jaguar XJ. It has become the choice of business leaders, famous artists, politicians and members of the Royal family for five decades and is represented in more than 120 countries. The new XJ will be made with the typical characteristics of his predecessors, namely, effective design, intelligent performance and recognition of luxury.

New all-electric model will be created by the same expert team of designers and experts to develop a car, which is working to launch the world’s first electric crossover of premium class Jaguar I-PACE, with the title of the 2019 Car in the world.

The announcement of plans is the next phase of implementation of electrification strategy, Jaguar Land Rover. In January, the company confirmed plans to begin production of batteries and electric drives units (PSU) in the Midlands by investing in new and existing production capacity.

The new center for the production of batteries in the Hall of gems, which will work in 2020 will be the most innovative and technologically advanced in the UK with a design capacity of 150 000 units. Together with the centre for the production of engines in Wolverhampton, place the global emission of BEP Jaguar Land Rover, these facilities will ensure the production of next generation models from Jaguar Land Rover.

Large-scale conversion castle Bromwich on the first UK the leading factory of electric vehicles will be the most important in its history. Later this month work will begin on installing completely new equipment and technologies that are necessary for the MLA platform (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) next-generation Jaguar Land Rover. It was developed and designed to ensure flexible production of “clean” vehicles with efficient diesel and petrol engines along with all-electric and hybrid models.

The expansion of production of electric vehicles Jaguar Land Rover will offer customers more choices of vehicles that will suit their lifestyle. However, the increase in use remains a problem.

Professor Dr. Ralph Shpet, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, said:

“Convenience and accessibility are two key characteristics that allows to increase the use of electric vehicles to levels that we all need. Charging should be as simple as refueling a conventional car. Accessibility will be achieved only if we produce the batteries here in the UK, close to the production car to avoid the risks associated with safety and cost if you import from abroad. The UK has the raw materials, research in our universities and existing supplier base to bring the country to the leaders in the field of mobility and creating jobs.”

Jaguar Land Rover urges government and industry to work together to build the country’s battery production is considerable. It is based on studies of the British Centre for batteries and the governmental program “Faraday Challenge”, necessary for battery technology of the next generation to create smaller, more intimate and affordable batteries. These important steps will also maintain and develop existing supply chain, making Britain less dependent on the basic materials supplied from abroad.