Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a revolutionary drone Project Vector

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced a revolutionary drone Project Vector


With this Autonomous vehicle, the manufacturer has told about his vision of the future of transport for cities. Electric drones are not only concerned about the environment, but also “unload” the roads to traffic, simultaneously reducing the number of accidents.

Vector conceptual Project by the British company Jaguar Land Rover is an Autonomous electric car, whose length is about four meters. Next year, the UAV Project Vector will start testing on the roads. As a “testing ground” chose the English town of Coventry. In the meantime, the manufacturer introduces a new product, which is distinguished by its multitasking: a car is ideal for passenger or commercial traffic.

Electrical power unit and accumulators of developers took the floor area. Through this arrangement it was possible to increase the number of configurations of the interior space. Also if desired, the platform can be extended from one meter.


Battery capacity varies from 60 to 90 kW. Enough to the drone drove from 248 to 298 kilometers.

It is planned that the first phase will be released only 20 copies of the Vector Project, and test will be under the supervision of the person. This will allow them to move without statutory amendments and improvements of relevant infrastructure. New – part of the Destination Zero programme, whose main goal – zero harmful emissions, elimination of traffic congestion and accidents, as well as the introduction of new technologies in everyday life.

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