Jaguar Land Rover introduced the advanced 3D display


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing a projection display of the new generation, which can output various data to the driver in real time. In addition, technology designed for the future Autonomous cars will allow passengers to watch movies in 3D.


Develop a three-dimensional display is able to project different alerts on a wide range of security systems and tips Navigator. Plus, the technology can help the driver in low visibility conditions, adding depth to the image with augmented reality, projecting a warning that on the road.

According to a German research, stereoscopic three-dimensional displays improve the reaction of the driver on the pop-up instructions and faster to make the right decisions.

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In the future, the system will be used on unmanned vehicles and allow passengers to watch movies in 3D. She will be able to track movement of the head and eyes to adjust the image as desired. Preview will not require special glasses.

Earlier it was reported that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is developing a new system designed to improve the health of the driver during the trip. Artificial intelligence based on the technology of monitoring fatigue of a new generation, will be able to determine the mood of the motorist and on the basis of the received data to activate certain functions in the cabin.


Information will come from a camera and biometric sensors, then the computer will analyze the condition of the driver and will apply the necessary settings. Depending on the expression of electronics can choose the desired temperature, the desired lighting level and select the right song out of the playlist.

Jaguar Land Rover moving in the right direction?

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