Jaguar Land Rover pushes the boundaries of technology: wireless software update


Part of our long-term transformation in the field of compatibility with wireless services is a standard installation of the system software update wirelessly (SOTA) on every new model of Jaguar and Land Rover. This will allow all our customers to receive future software updates to their vehicles without having to visit the car dealer center – including the newest updates of infotainment, Touch Pro and Touch Pro Duo.

Jaguar Land Rover also offers the ability to update software over-the-air (SOTA) updates and infotainment systems Pro Touch Pro I Duo almost a half-million clients around the world. These additional updates are compatible with most models starting in 2016.

The chief engineer of Jaguar Land Rover, Nick Rogers said: “the Development and implementation of new techology to our clients is our passion. Based on the possibility of connecting our new model Land Rover Defender, we have made our innovative system wireless updating of software for infotainment systems standard on all our cars.”

“Of course we want our current customers also took advantage of the novih features wireless connectivity. That’s because we offer them a free upgrade, the maximum MDM this capability will be available also on their cars, and the latest updates to infotainment systems TouchPro and TouchProDuо. Our vision Jaguar Land Rover is creating that experience that people will love for life. At the heart of everything we do are the customers. This program is just one of the ways to share about our calling.”

After the upgrade, customers will be able to benefit from all future software updates for the infotainment system without having to visit your car dealer. Instead, customers can quickly and easily upload new software via Wi-Fi.

Car buyers 2019-2020 model year will already have the SOTA functionality built into their infotainment system.


Notes from the editor:

  • With customers that can upgrade for free, would be to contact the representatives of the car dealer who will offer them to enroll in the center for carrying out the necessary work.
  • Infotainment system TouchPro was first installed in 2016 model year for the Jaguar XF, and the infotainment system TouchProDuo in 2018 model year for the Range Rover Velar.
  • Package SmartphonePack was offered as optional or standard equipment for the models Jaguar and Land Rover starting with the 2019 model year (depending on model and market).
  • Wireless software update (SOTA) was introduced for models of Jaguar and Land Rover in 2019 release. The owners of these vehicles should check in the instructions and to make sure this feature is enabled, or contact the car dealer center for more information.
  • In the recently released new Land Rover Defender installed brand new infotainment system and PiviPro in which the default package SmartphonePack and the possibility of wireless firmware update (SOTA).
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