Jaguar Land Rover to make cars out of plastic waste

Jaguar Land Rover to make cars out of plastic waste

British automaker Jaguar has signed a cooperation agreement with the world’s largest chemical concern BASF, under which they will recycle the plastic and reuse it in the car.

In the framework of the pilot project ChemCycling the company, Jaguar Land Rover will join the program of recycling of plastic waste, which was intended for burial in the ground or incinerated into a new high-quality material. Plastic waste will be converted into pyrolysis oil by thermochemical processing, and then these industrial raw materials will replace fossil resources in the production chain BASF.

The outcome is a material with high quality and in no way inferior on the performance characteristics of classical plasticity. In addition, this material can harden and paint that will make it even more reliable. The use of such material will be in dashboards and external parts of the bodies of the new models of Jaguar and Land Rover.

Now companies have an experimental batch of material on the front of the new electric car I-Pace from the Jaguar. Before the technology can be run in mass production, the company needs to ensure that the final material meets all safety requirements at least at the same level as the original part.

This is not the first step of the group towards caring for the environment — in addition, they have partnered with Kvadrat, which helps to create a seat for vehicles. So, the luxury seats of the Range Rover Velar Range Rover Evoque combines a wool blend with a technical suede fabric, which is made from plastic bottles. For the interior of one of the SUV need 53 bottles.