Jaguar Land Rover will not give up the diesel

Jaguar Land Rover will not give up the diesel


Jaguar Land Rover is not going to stop the development of gasoline and diesel engines and fully focusing on electric technologies. Executive Director and chief engineer of the concern Nick Rogers said that “electrification must be reasonable” and made clear that the medium-term future for hybrids.

The solution to Jaguar Land Rover to continue its work on diesel and gasoline engines caused by the sharp drop in oil prices, as well as the possibilities of electrification. Nick Rogers is confident that the moderate and rechargeable hybrids will make the traditional internal combustion engines “ultra-pure”, and sustainability should not be achieved by reducing the reserve, and customers do not have to compromise on long journeys.

Separately, the chief engineer of Jaguar Land Rover decided on the diesel technology rechargeable hybrids. According to Rogers, a bunch of diesel engine, electric motor and battery pack will allow you to create absolutely clean and quiet powerplant, which will combine zero emissions and quietness of electric vehicles in the urban cycle with autonomously diesel car in the city. However, while the British group has no such serial crossovers: all PHEV hybrid range Rover based on the gasoline versions.


Also Jaguar Land Rover refuses draft budget for fuel cells. The British group received a government subsidy for the development of the “hydrogen economy” crossover, with partners Jaguar Land Rover are the leading manufacturers of automotive components – Delta Motorsport, Marelli Automotive Systems and UKBIC.

Some competitors Jaguar Land Rover focused exclusively electric cars: for example, Daimler turned the program hydrogen cars and stopped the development of internal combustion engines, to completely abandon diesel engines decided Porsche, Honda and Mitsubishi.

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