Jaguar Land Rover will relieve from nervous drivers

Jaguar Land Rover will relieve from nervous drivers

The company announced a new technology based on artificial intelligence that will analyze the emotional state of the driver and to enable certain functions. Thus, the car will be able to improve the health of the person.

Artificial intelligence, but rather a system based on a trained neural network, will deal with the emotions of drivers. Jaguar Land Rover announced the development of a new system, which will reduce the stress level of drivers, based on constant analysis of emotional state and including special settings.

The new complex will use multiple cameras, biometric sensors, and data about your driving style to assess and analyze the status of the driver. Based on the data will be automatically adjusted settings of systems, including heated seats, climate system, lighting and multimedia system. It is assumed that the combination of these settings will help the driver to remove the emotional burden.

It is assumed that each system will smooochies, and for the first time will analyze the human reaction to those or other settings that will help to accurately select the configured settings.

The software system represents a new generation of existing technology, control of the degree of fatigue of the driver.

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