Jaguar Land Rover will stop building cars because of the coronavirus

Jaguar Land Rover will stop building cars because of the coronavirus


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has nearly exhausted the supply of parts for production machines. New supplies from China in the near future is foreseen, as the country focused on the fight against the epidemic of the coronavirus. In conversation with journalists, the Executive Director of JLR Ralph Shpet has declared that the company’s employees even had to “carry components on planes in suitcases”.

As the Financial Times reports, last week at the company Jaguar Land Rover is over 38 key components of, and reserves the rest will come to an end within the next two weeks. If the situation does not change in the shortest possible time, the company will have to enter the idle mode at three plants in the UK. Total production volume of these enterprises reaches 365 thousand cars a year.

According to Shpet, the missing parts were carried in suitcases – transportation by plane takes less time than by sea, but is much more expensive and only possible for small volumes. Thus, for example, delivered the key fobs car alarm.


As of February 20, 2020, in China, the coronavirus has infected more than 63.3 thousand people, 2118 died from the disease, and the total number infected, according to the who, reached 75 thousand people. Outside mainland China, eight people died: two deaths registered in Iran and Hong Kong, and others in Taiwan, Japan, France and the Philippines.

The other day about stopping the release of one of the models announced by Fiat. Due to a failure of the delivery schedule of parts in the Serbian plant over the brand components for audio systems of subcompartment 500L. And the first carmaker, to stop assembling cars outside of China, was Hyundai, which stopped production at the plant in South Korea.

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