Jaguar prepares competitor Tesla Model X

Jaguar prepares competitor Tesla Model X


The flagship Jaguar J-Pace crossover, which will be based on the modular MLA “cart” from the new generation of the xj Executive sedan, will be purely electric.

The future J-Pace crossover from Jaguar will not receive an internal combustion power unit. The flagship of the crossover line of the British brand will not be hybrid, as previously expected – now the novelty will be as a competitor to the American electric crossover Tesla Model X, so it will also receive a purely electric engine. All other options are excluded. A full-size all-terrain vehicle will be built on the MLA “trolley” from the future xj Executive sedan.

The price tag of the Tesla Model X in the United States starts at $ 74,690, and the top version will cost $ 94,690. Perhaps the J-Pace will follow a similar pricing policy, but most likely the base price tag will still be slightly lower. And the smaller I-Pace starts at $ 69,850. Jaguar will have a more conservative style than Tesla, but it will be quite difficult to compete with the dynamic characteristics of the Model X. The Jaguar J-Pace may debut as early as 2021.

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