Jaguar wants to put on pause the development of new cars, and here’s why

Jaguar wants to put on pause the development of new cars, and here’s why


Over the past few years, Jaguar has not been doing very well in the European market: since 2019, sales have been declining, and in the coronavirus year 2020, the brand sank by 36.8 percent, and by the end of three quarters of 2021, it went down by 11.1 percent. French newspaper Le Monde reports that Jaguar may take a break from the release of new products until 2025 in order to “completely change” the brand: from the middle of the decade, the brand will switch to the production of electric cars and will compete with Aston Martin and Bentley.

The fact that Jaguar will completely change its market positioning became known at the beginning of this year. Then the head of Jaguar Thierry Bollore said that Jaguar should rise a step higher and step into the luxury segment, in which it will have to compete with Bentley and Aston Martin. The new concept of the brand’s development was called Modern Luxury – “modern luxury”.

The strategy provides for the abandonment of all current Jaguar models: after completion of the standard production cycle, they will be dismissed without direct successors, and new cars will be developed from scratch. It was for this, says Le Monde, a British company that it took a pause. What’s more, the automaker will gradually cut production, which will cut Jaguar’s capacity by a quarter by 2026.

From 2025, Jaguar’s entire model line will be electrified, and by 2030, it should only have electric vehicles. All of them are expected to be built on the new platform, which Jaguar will buy from a third-party developer. The existing Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA), designed not only for electric cars, but also for hybrids, will go to Land Rover.

Jaguar has already abandoned some promising projects: earlier it became known that the company curtailed the development of the seven-seat J-Pace, as well as the flagship XJ liftback.

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