James May & Richard Hammond with Supercar Blondie

James May & Richard Hammond with Supercar Blondie


Watch what happen when I met Richard Hammond & James May! I surprised them with the craziest Hypercar of 2018!Special thanks to DriveTribe – Follow me on:Thanks to: The Grand Tour

that’s the name of somebody that’s somebody else lil NAT NAT there’s phone called Natalie and small and that’s a Bugatti be double oh I see I thought you’re good to go like a dad’s move yeah exactly right well we better be on that tears and be like young and bright fresh and new media do not please don’t try street talking know this one if you say I’m down with decades I will just throw coffee in your face the headlines of that one was just oh I know that’s a that’s a car right it’s so what is she coming what is she coming in yeah I don’t know well it’s gonna be something striking well it’s gonna be a silver car yeah oh there it is that’s more a hyper car isn’t it technically I know what it is that’s the Apollo it is that’s the intensity only about seonyu nasa better if a carbon-fibre they’d actually finished well there it is but obviously they have the pants work really well gold wheels Sony taste his name our head switches it’s got overhead switches and fans many fans got love an overhead switch this is how I’m guessing yeah but I can’t see your faces got this girl crash helmet on oh this is going well it’s it’s going great very oh we can’t tell hello yes in 3 2 1 a really good execute thank you very much alright now there’s this to be done what these right this is going this might take a second no this is slick this is really good yeah it’s like James Bond is female this time the head in slow motion apart from the bit that’s touching you race yeah see he’s got a few give me another slower bigger movement watch how James does it that’s just natural Oh slowly you’ve got to get the hair to move slowly that’s the difficulty yeah James looks much better when he just Cena anyway hello super color well hey I’m James hello Supergirl this is Richard I’m Richard – hello – the garlic what’d I just say that there in our research you gotta write super cars profile today exactly that is my name from now on out I suppose it’s like sex unfortunately unless join us thank you I would love to there’s no sister oh there’s no seat are you only respecting me as well we thought you’d bring your own seat that tractor yes it here it’s okay that’s fine thank you what glass why you wore your racing five Prix me you know like it being the part drinks you know are you were only driving it through town but in the more don’t you have to wear a racing suit it’s part of their I haven’t got a look but I sure do have one somewhere but I damn well it’s not so I’ve also got some bags when you put a racing suit on it means you like that you’re doing something that’s likely to end in fire because they play the targets and I don’t like some good yeah it was alright yeah oh I’ve got a gift for you guys yeah thanks this is right that’s correct correct yes thank you very much I couldn’t find the jelly time no that’s absolutely correct yes yeah this is our equivalent of a rider I know so when we go off and we do jobs you have to supply you with these yes yes twiglets peanut butter roast chicken Chris jelly tots or jelly babies a massive bottle of Hendrick’s Gin in a case of Chablis well that’s what I was gonna say the other thing on my rider is beer sorry we haven’t got you anything well you have me I’m leaving thanks very much I don’t even know what a twiglet is when they told me to like this weakly I had no idea what they were when you have a bag just like a donkey’s farted in your face I imagine yeah mom I just a little bit what what is it you can’t place that smokers you’ve never put your head up a donkey’s ass makes it makes your teeth itch can I actually have my money so what is that can he give me a rundown or a well where’d you stand on the whole Marmite today they are well there’s only about three beef in the world no no they’re just castings good should we talk about the apollo yes yes it’s over there look I brought old wheels looking things I didn’t think they’d finished one yet because we’ve had it on the shows pictures and we talked about it but we didn’t think there was one to look at they hadn’t given you one yet is that the first one this is the one I should mate okay so what do you think first impression it’s as well complicated than I thought all those yeah do you have a look gran yeah there’s a lot going on here yes does it all do something or is it just artists a very good question well for instance if I snaps that just that yeah would it then flip at high speed as a result probably do you know I don’t we’ve made it certainly we’ll wait let me get changed okay I’ve got a quiz for you guys mmm-hmm I hate courses okay okay awesome all know for next time but more twiglets in exchange yeah I will dance between me okay yeah basically I’ve given you three facts about the car haven’t I they’re only ten gonna be made 2.7 million dollars mm-hmm 2.7 seconds 0 to 100 yeah and that’s all I know because that’s all I have to say for Instagram it’s a quiz on the Apollo I’ll give you a VC okay and there’s a amazing prize multi guess you mean yeah it’s Multi multi choice all right guys so here’s the exciting bit oh not really what is this exciting thing you’ll get again I’m trying it like get the wheel off okay here we go don’t do that when you’re going along am I really bad no again it was not a great idea actually all right so this is this is basically the ultimate prize no I’ve got a quiz for you I think we know this you get just the steering wheel not the car just something right it’s the real one it’s all of them it’s real I just drove okay you’ll get it eventually it’s fine all right so I need my book where’s my sister do you guys have an assistant no we don’t we don’t thank you okay right um actually I know because that’s the prize and you don’t get it okay here are the questions are you ready yes all right there is oh the prize sorry God the big prize when you said it was the wheel no it’s not the wheel I’m taking the wheel is it the love you get more than the wheel you actually the winner gets to take the Apollo out you get to drive it out of here really you are gonna be one of the very first people in the world to drive the Apollo okay okay you gotta produce yeah no worries good stick but you have to slightly fake it why because if a man wins it yeah that could happen okay you ready yeah all right number one I can see the answers if you don’t know what’s the core know you don’t know the correct you can tell I’ve never done this before okay mastermind the answer you’re all winners we know an idiot I always show ones and every man is not to have the arms I got a display are you ready yes what does the I East and intensive not hang on a minute I got to give you options inhale exhale yes it stands for that be immersive engineering see intensified let’s go see okay good that relations you got that right these guys have been googling the car okay number two stuff you learn everything from Google don’t pretend it’s true right yeah okay no we go straight to sauce straight to sauce I interview the designer is the owners in the world that confers the precision of the scientific explanation which is of course evolution is very very thoroughly worked out in as far as we understand it all right yes yeah when you order this car 2.7 million dollars no you can wrong you can get some insane customizations okay what is true out of these customizations a you can get your face or logo engraved on the engine bay be they 3d scan your body so their seats fit to your measurements see you can customize the doors so either you can get the going the scissor doors all those suicide doors they become soon be be okay I’m gonna go hey hey so you think you can customize you can get your face engraved on the engine bay yeah and you think there’s a scanner that makes more sense but I like the do yeah yeah I get that be sure X all right you’re one up you wanna okay to be in the running you need to get this one right James okay the titanium exhaust tips so let’s just go over here take a look at them just take em exhausted Wow great takes place these are just the tips here it’s like a terrible pub ban from you really well actually okay they cost as much as a car but a car right so how much do they cost the closest to the actual price is going to win okay I’ve got it okay you’ve got your so we go three two one it’s a the number you think isn’t in you can’t change it let’s take a car so the car no I know say the number say the number but just convert whatever car you thought into a number okay yep oh actually I’ve gone too low there so it’s a supercharged Range Rover is a hundred and sixteen thousand euros also say ten thousand euros that’s a big disparity between our two numbers alright so Richards got ten thousand euros and James you said 116 thousand euros as low as you are Richard you are actually closer 60,000 euros no oh yes slightly right 255 0 and you’re 50 younger so you’re both completely off the mark but you’re on your closest through the month in you time I was gonna go run supercharged Range Rover and then out of one yeah that’s it give me the wheel right we’re excited to raise it above my head in the championship win your passion thank you yeah you’re welcome no you get to actually drive the car isn’t that insane there’s one other fact about the car yes so you two and myself we could all drive this car in a tunnel why couldn’t them me one fit he’s too heavy and it’s only a two-seater yeah okay so you know the numbers no I know the numbers France I don’t know what I’m gonna spell numbers and facts out really impressive okay their horses 1,350 kilograms yes and the weight of the car is it’s about 1,100 kilograms a little bit heavier 1250 and downforce is 1,350 we’ve got about 100 so it’s safe right as long as is evenly distributed it doesn’t necessarily for me to run car driver in savings so there’s where the weight is yeah lastly something about your drive yeah cuz I don’t know if you know but my stories I spend a lot of time trying to think of really clever you’re an internet influencer on this one you’ve put oh hey doesn’t really mean anything but it seems to earn a smiley face yeah but it’s worked I mean look you’ve got decent views on there see I’m just really clever with my words really what’s going on here oh hey um can I tell you the truth yeah so your team actually does that for me what it’s what people are hey yeah writing your headlines yeah and I have to do my own yeah even though I own a sizeable chunk of the organization yes well that’s just not good enough I know I’ve got the better deal so your assistants are running my page I have to do mine all by myself don’t ask me about headlines they will pay okay – I hate it actually when I looked at that I’m gonna throw my so really high rather than the headlines gonna be yo bro please try it when I see it on your page I’m not naturally [Laughter] I get to draw yeah but I need to show you something important this is where super car was sitting okay what sort of a person has half a jelly maybe half a jelly baby my llama they are you supercar what does that tell you it’s the shower I know somebody always has Harpur BC Harvard jelly babe so this is their own engine that’s staggering James that answers that question it’s their own engine oh is it yeah oh I thought it was based on the Mercedes so who else right now is making a naturally aspirated spent six point three liter v12 nobody you never know with Richard yeah full offices but I did these doors are really difficult to open if it’s upside down that’s a fact to see see I’ve got an assistant anybody mind you have an assistant right I’ll do that and we pull it in gear it’s gonna clutch that’s it do the handbrake off Oh Oh stole that I’m stole it I’m stole that I’m stoled it oh I just need some rent and I went on look tell you why is that first or 72 think that’s a good-looking oh yeah that’s a really good question that looks like a seven so you’re starting in 7th gear oh these to each other is it both of us bag to be a neutral passing dude watch it now that is first it needs a bit more oh you’ve got to be a little bit jealous now well yeah but I don’t think I’ve no sir I’d won the responsibility and I’m actually getting as much pleasure watching Hammond do it and it’s doing it myself – is he scared I can tell turn the wheel where’s reverse is he definitely [Laughter] you did scream are we doing there just an end right but a camera followers and of YouTube channel oh yeah hello hello attention subscribers subscribe to the YouTube channel of earth no super cop now I’m wanting to the bit of a you subscribe subscribe subscribe to supercar Blondie’s Johnny wow that commercials yeah they’re really cheap too and the alive up homes yeah that’s it guys please like and subscribe I hope you liked the video and point I’m just joining you and we’ll see you on the next vlog bye just amazing thing just keep just them really can you do the boy frisbee I could but I’d like explode if you didn’t yeah okay around them so I think some basic mr. business the other side too morbid or suit and they worked out so well for her because there’s nothing else you got a damn well he was the perfect rock that they called it back singer in really for and so well then fate for delivering to supercar blondie

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