Japanese drivers will be transplanted to a compact citycare

Japanese drivers will be transplanted to a compact citycare


In connection with the increase in the number of accidents involving older drivers, the Japanese authorities plan to introduce subsidies for the purchase of ultra-compact machines.

According to the newspaper the Mainichi Shimbun, the country of the Rising Sun plans to introduce state aid for the purchase of compact settarov older drivers. The size will be about 915 dollars. It is worth noting that current day model of the Toyota Coms is offered for sale for 7.2 million dollars.


Officials expect this will help to provide a rapidly aging population of Japan is more easy and safe transport, especially in rural areas, where the possibility of using buses is limited.

In addition, to manage electric vehicles much easier, and their speed is the safest. The new model can accelerate to 60 km/h when cruising at 100 km it is Expected that these limits will play a key role in reducing the number of serious accidents.

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