Japanese reliability: Mazda continues to drive after a terrible fire (video)

Japanese reliability: Mazda continues to drive after a terrible fire (video)


It turned out to be easy to bring the burnt car back to life. The owner is not going to restore it.

A strange Mazda MX-5 Miata drives in the US state of New Jersey. The car survived a fire but was partially rebuilt. The Drive website reports.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster in a rare Mazdaspeed version was burned in the garage and was already being prepared for disposal. But the car was discovered by mechanic Alex Giroud and decided to give it a second life. The American is a fan of the model and over the past three years, as many as 48 MX-5 different years of release have passed through his hands.

Fortunately, the fire mainly affected the body panels and interior, and the engine, transmission and chassis were not particularly affected. The car looks terrible, but it turned out to be easy to bring it back to life – it was enough to replace the wiring and repair the fuel pump.

Later, the mechanic also discovered that the valve cover, the timing belt guard and the pipes were somewhat damaged. However, this did not prevent the Mazda MX-5 from moving under its own power.

Alex Giroud eliminated technical malfunctions, and replaced the burst washer tank with an empty whiskey bottle. But the American did not completely restore the car. He continues to ride in a charred roadster and even demonstrates drifting. Moreover, the car even took part in the meeting of Mazda MX-5 owners.

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