Japanese students build a five-door Suzuki Jimny

Japanese students build a five-door Suzuki Jimny


Until Suzuki dares to release a five-door version of the current generation JB74W subcompact SUV Suzuki Jimny, students at the Nihon Automotive School of Technology (NATS) have decided to take the lead. They are in full swing preparing their version of the lengthened Jimny, completion of work is scheduled for January 2022.

The 5-door Jimny project was chosen by students as a practice. Work on it started in July this year. The conventional 3-door Jimny was completely disassembled and cut in half to integrate a 400mm insert behind its central building. The front doors remain virtually unchanged, while the rear doors are built from scratch. The authors of the project decided not to touch the rear seats, so they will still be located between the wheel arches. However, the lengthening will allow back row passengers to no longer experience problems with the availability of free legroom.

In order to accommodate the set of rear doors, the young engineers had to relocate the filler neck and hatch, which were located on the right side of the body in the original model. An advanced acoustic system was installed in the cabin. But the list of improvements won’t stop there either.

For the five-door “Jimny” they promise a lifted off-road suspension and “supercharging” of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine. The assembly of the car is in the final stage. It is scheduled to premiere in mid-January when the Tokyo Auto Show opens its doors.

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