Japanophiles don’t see: cemetery mid-engine Toyota MR2

Japanophiles don’t see: cemetery mid-engine Toyota MR2


In the UK, found the cemetery mid-engine Toyota MR2: about 20 coupes and roadsters from 1989 to 1999 release stand under the open sky. Most of the machines are in poor condition, some stripped for parts, others just slowly rot and fall apart. Photos from the dump of the old “Toyota” has published the Briton Keith brown.

Apparently, the cars stand behind a fence the first year. According to one version, they belong to the parts shop mr2-ben.co.uk, specializes in this model. On the company’s website, there are photographs of two cars that are currently in the review is MR2 1992 and 1999. Using Google Maps you can see that this area really belongs to the store, but when the pictures were taken, a collection of MR2 was significantly less. Brown has counted at least two dozen cars.


The pictures of brown in Facebook, you may notice that most of the MR2 is the second generation SW20, but there are also machines of the first generation AW11.

The Toyota MR2 was manufactured between 1984 and 2007 and sold in the US under the name MR2 Spyder. In other countries, like France and Canada, the model was called MR-S.

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