JCB has set the new speed record for tractors

JCB has set the new speed record for tractors

The agricultural machinery manufacturer JCB has set a new speed record for tractors, dispersed upgraded Fastrac JC Bamford Excavators to 103.6 mph.

In March 2018 in the Guinness Book of records has a new record — the fastest tractor with a 5.7-liter engine accelerated to 87,271 miles per hour, but now this record is broken.

Car mechanic and racing driver guy Martin broke up a modified agricultural tractor Fastrac JC Bamford Excavators up to speed is 103.6 mph (167 km/h).

The record was set at the airport Elvington near York (UK). Plow now the British will be much more fun and free time will be not in a hot field, and then in your cool pub.

The new record features a 7.2-liter 6-cylinder DieselMax engine, whose power reaches 1000 HP a Team of engineers from Williams Advanced Engineering has made the tractor lighter and the aerodynamics has been improved square of this agricultural implement. Expect to see a whole film dedicated to the work and an established record. Useless, but fun.

“It was a great day with JCB Elvington, competent work with competent engineers. The tractor felt confident on the runway,” — said guy Martin.

In establishing new world speed record for a tractor no one was hurt, except for the tractor, which now, presumably, the field will not entice.