JDM’s Paradise: a whole warehouse of Japanese sports cars is sold in the United States


All cars are right-hand drive, partially disassembled and prohibited for use in the United States.

The warehouse of confiscated vehicles has 20 disassembled vehicles. It is reported that the importer tried to avoid taxes by registering the cargo not as cars, but as spare parts, but the fraud failed. The confiscated goods were put up for a government auction.

Iconic sports cars prevail among the confiscated cars – there are several Nissan Silvia S15, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Chaser, Honda Legend and the like. Cars were clearly chosen for objects, since they have high-performance engines, in particular Toyota 1JZ-GTE.

Cars were put up for auction in one lot, with the obligatory condition that all purchased cars, after the conclusion of the transaction, must be exported outside the United States at the expense of the buyer. In case of re-import of cars to the United States, the owner will face the confiscation of the vehicle with subsequent destruction, as well as a significant financial fine.

In the online auction, 135 bids were made for this lot, and the winning bid was $ 148,000.

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