Jeep famous advertisement appeared in the sale

Jeep famous advertisement appeared in the sale


Dilertsentr Moore Motor Sales in the US sells Jeep Gladiator, previously participated in the filming of the famous advertising.

This year, Jeep has prepared for the final of the National football League of the USA, which is known under the name “super bowl”, the movie with bill Murray in the lead role.

In the video, the movie star returns to a famous film “Groundhog Day” and tries to diversify their own leisure as you can, using the new pickup Gladiator. Promotional video of the Jeep became one of the most popular of a live broadcast of the super bowl: only on the brand channel on YouTube, it gained over 50 million views.


But now the same pickup orange hue of the video appeared in the sale – such information shared Agency Mopar Insiders. A dealer from Michigan had that same car after 5 days after the release of the movie.

The car mileage is only 20 miles (32 km) and interior dry cleaning. For pickup 57 asking $ 350, but the dealer has said it is ready also to make a discount 5882 dollars (about 378 thousand dollars).

A tempting offer?

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