Jeep Gladiator shows off new exhaust system

Jeep Gladiator shows off new exhaust system

We are talking about a brand new exhaust system MagnaFlow, you will receive the SUV 2020 model year. It is known that buyers can select from several different versions.

Currently, buyers can opt for one of the two systems Cat-Back series Street Series or Rock Crawler Series, designed for riding in extreme terrain. The latter system, by the way, is designed for vehicles with high ground clearance. According to the developers, both systems are a series of “Street” organically together with the engine, not giving an unwanted hum in the cabin and deep sound outside.

On top of that, each system uses a curved tube three inches and an oval muffler. By the way, unlike the series “Street”, “Rock Crawler” gets the same size oval silencer and a curved tube with a diameter of 2.5 inches.

From the point of view of aesthetic criticism to these systems either. For example, each system boasts a polished tube stainless steel. When creating these exhaust systems producers aimed to satisfy the demands of its clients, who require more space for a different kind of tuning: armor, large bumpers, upgraded suspension and stuff.

The main objective of manufacturers was to satisfy all the needs of customers who need advanced technical specifications for operation of vehicles on various roads. The value of each of the currently available innovations starts with a mark 516,66 dollars.

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