Jeep Gladiator turned into a military vehicle

Jeep Gladiator turned into a military vehicle


The American company AM General, the famous military Humvee SUV and his “civilian” version of the Hummer H1, the army has developed a modification of Jeep Gladiator pickup truck. Premiere of the car took place at the exhibition of arms AUSA-2019.

Presented version light tactical vehicle Jeep Gladiator XMT is designed for service in the signal corps. The developer noted that they can equip the car with the other various components of the army standards, so the pickup can be turned, for example, in a mobile command post or a vehicle for transportation of personnel.

While AM General will examine the interest of potential customers for such a car. In the case of orders for supply of military vehicle on the basis of “Gladiator” to commence in the second half of next year. Pickup will be offered with both petrol and diesel engine.

It was reported earlier that Jeep is testing extreme versions of the model Gladiator, which can get the name Hercules. Such a car would differ from the common “Gladiator” increased ground clearance and the hood changed shape, which will establish the engine capacity of about 500 horsepower.


Standard Jeep Gladiator based SUV Wrangler new generation, equipped with the 289-horsepower six-cylinder petrol engine volume 3.6 liters. In addition, the available three-liter turbodiesel capacity of 264 horsepower. Both units are paired with an eight “automatic”.

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