Jeep Grand Cherokee Barack Obama will go under the hammer

Jeep Grand Cherokee Barack Obama will go under the hammer

This Wednesday, June 26, in Connecticut will auction one of the lots which will be Jeep Grand Cherokee 2000 model year. A SUV with a mileage of more than 404 134 miles (216 302 kilometres) – the first new car that could afford Barack Obama.

Former US President talked about his car in 2010, when I spoke to the workers of the factory Chrysler in Detroit. The conveyor of this plant once fell and his Grand Cherokee.

“I still remember getting to the dealership, I remember out of it on his Grand Cherokee: the smell of a new car and an insane amount of electronics – up to this in my car even the glass had to be lowered manually,” he said.

After a few years, Obama has sold his “Cherokee” – so the car was in a used car, where he found a resident of Chicago. She kept all the papers because the car belonged to Barack Obama, and when in 2010 he was elected to the presidency, sold for 26 437 dollars to a collector.

Nine years later, the car again went to auction along with some of the things found in the glove compartment. Among them: a note from the chief of police of Illinois John Miller with a request to meet and discuss the bill on the prosecution of racial identity, but also notes Obama made on the receipt for your lunch, business cards and Parking coupons early noughties.