Jeep introduced the hybrid version of its crossover Commander

Jeep introduced the hybrid version of its crossover Commander

American novelty will be offered only for China’s automobile market. It is reported that in pure electric mode, the car can travel 70 km On the technical characteristics of Jeep Commander PHEV known to very few.

This American crossover was designed specifically for China, where it is available in both 5-seater and 7-seater versions (Jeep Grand Commander). The model is based on the crossover of the last generation Cherokee, as well as on the concept of Yuntu, which was shown in 2017. Now both versions of this model have at their disposal-electric motor – the official presentation of the Jeep Commander PHEV was held at the motor show in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

New version of the model looks virtually unchanged, except for the additional cover on the left side panel, where the guys from Jeep mounted charging port.

Unfortunately, there was nothing said about the amount of energy calculated battery PHEV Jeep Commander, it is reported that in electric mode, the car will go 70 kilometers.

Representatives of the American brand does not want to share many details about the new Commander of the PHEV, so we don’t know if additional equipment a negative impact on the load capacity of the vehicle and its dynamic characteristics. He probably was heavier than the usual models and has almost the same interior, although the dash was probably modified to display information specific to the PHEV.

While the Grand Commander/Commander is currently only available for China, we heard reports about the possible availability of these crossovers in other countries.